Gonna get us all connected....
Would you like to get involved and help us regenerate the Glasney Playing field and Valley? Are you reluctant because you think it will be long endless meetings, a mountain of form filling and countless hours of fundraising? Well let us bust that myth!
Yes it can be all those things but only if you want it to be. For any project to be a success the members need only bring energy a desire to succeed and a commitment to carry out the task you agree to do.

Six Great Things You Can Do To Help and Just 1 will make a difference......
  • Tell Everyone About The Project and where to go to find out about us! You don't realise just how powerful, 'Word of Mouth', is!
  • Share our online content with everyone. 
  • Engage with us online - see a tweet and tweet back, see a Facebook post comment on it and like it. Every time you do this you help us by telling the service provider our content is good and this makes them push the content out to others. A simple like can mean the difference between 1 set of eyeballs and 100 sets seeing our information and the chance to move the project on faster and bigger! Plus part of the process of applying for funding and permissions relies on the level of support we have for the project. Funders and companies will look at our online status as closely as they do with our manual filled surveys and statistics! So your engagement with us online will count toward this.
  • When we have events you can help hugely by taking some posters and/or flyers to post up and hand out. Saving us time to chase all the other bits like planning, insurances, permissions and logistics. PLUS - The more people that take posters to post further afield the more people we get to the event to help raise awareness, funding and support for the project.
  • Fancy throwing a party or fun event but want an excuse? Well we always need fundraising events that you will enjoy! 
  • Contact us with info and history about the area that we can use to help preserve the value of the valley for generations to come. Do you know how many people didn't know there used to be swings and a roundabout down there? In fact, do you know how many people still say.......where? When we mention the Glasney Playing Field and Valley? By providing info boards and literature about the valley and its  history we hope to change this and ensure it is never forgotten.



Lee Kellgren
11/08/2014 6:06pm

We have recently moved to Penryn ( opp Glasney Field) from Bristol. We love in here. In Bristol we lived at the edge of an historic ( neglected )woodland park. Over the past 10 years this has begun to be transformed.
I strongly recommend that your group get in contact with

David Martyn at KWAG ( Kingsweston Action Group)

to compare notes on their campaigning and activities.
We can't managed to help with the heavy work but we would like to help on the campaigning for Glasney.

09/04/2015 2:54am

I salute you for your dedication in moving forward the Glasney Greenspace Regeneration Project. Projects like this one should get the support of the whole community. I also believe that the campaign must include schools where students, faculty and staff. I think it is crucial to get the support of young people who holds the key to the future.

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